What does a New Level of Diving mean to you?

Does it mean improving your skills so that you can better enjoy a trip to a beautiful tropical reef? Does it mean exploring overhead environments with confidence? How about moving from room to room within a wreck without stirring up a cloud of silt? Does it mean delving deep beneath the normal limits of recreational diving? Could it be using multiple tanks with multiple gas mixtures for long, exploratory dives? Perhaps you want to explore areas beyond the reach of all but a small fraction of the world’s divers. Whatever it takes to bring your diving to a new level, Deep Adventure Scuba is ready to take you there.


Recreational Dive Classes

The following classes are normally scheduled through Weavers Dive Center in Boulder, Colorado. Private sessions are also possible. They can be scheduled through Weavers by requesting me or through Deep Adventure Scuba directly. Private sessions provide not only individual attention, they offer a different and more thorough experience.

Advanced Recreational Dive Classes

Advanced recreational (sometimes called TecReational) dive classes follow scuba’s middle path between technical diving and recreational diving. They bring elements of technical diving to the recreational world, with the idea that recreational diving will be more enjoyable and safer, and recreational...

Technical Diving Courses

Technical diving certifications allow divers to transcend all recreational diving limits. As divers progress through courses, they can go deeper and deeper, breathing different mixes of gas that enable them to avoid the dangers of high levels of nitrogen and oxygen. They learn the techniques of accelerated decompression...

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