Exploring the Depths ofScuba Knowledge

Diving and Altitude

As a Colorado resident who dives frequently in New Mexico, issues related to diving at altitude are important to me. Not only is most of my diving done at a relatively high altitude, I frequently have to drive to even higher altitudes to get home. Unfortunately, altitude and diving has not been as t... Continued

Keeping up with Diving Knowledge

The PADI Trimix course has an excellent section that implores divers to keep abreast of the changes that occur in the world of diving. I think every diver in the world would agree that it is in one’s best interest to lead dives in accordance to the latest and greatest thinking. But how is that... Continued


For many of the world’s diver’s, diving is a relaxing vacation activity, drifting placidly through warm water flowing gently by colorful coral reefs. For others it might be a weekend in the local ocean or lake, perhaps bringing home a couple nice fish or lobster for dinner. The allure of thes... Continued