The PADI Trimix course teaches divers to use mixes containing helium, commonly called trimix. Trimix allows the diver to decrease the amount of both nitrogen and oxygen in the gas they breathe, thus limiting the danger of both narcosis and oxygen toxicity while decreasing the amount of time required for decompression. The full PADI trimix certification certifies divers to use trimix to depths up to 300 feet, but that really means the depth is unlmiited, since there is not certification beyond that. The course teaches students how to make good decisions about extending their limits beyond this depth.

Students can also choose to complete only part of the class and get the Tec 65 certification, which allows them to use Trimix to a maximum depth of 65 meters/215 feet. Students can complete the full certification at a later time.

To qualify for this training through the PADI program, divers must have completed Tec 50 certification. Students can cross over from other agencies, and potential students wishing to know what courses qualify should contact us. Students crossing over from another agency will need to complete knowledge reviews from the Tec 50 program.