Recreational Dive Classes

The following classes are normally scheduled through Weavers Dive Center in Boulder, Colorado. Private sessions are also possible. They can be scheduled through Weavers by requesting me or through Deep Adventure Scuba directly. Private sessions provide not only individual attention, they offer a different and more thorough experience. The following descriptions focus on these differences.

  • Open Water Diver

    The PADI open water course consists of three sections: academics, confined water, and open water dives.

  • Advanced Open Water Diver

    This course is designed not only to teach more skills, it is also designed to open the diver’s eyes to new experiences.

  • Rescue Diver

    Rescue Diver does not make you a police diver. It makes you the kind of diver who can be relied upon in an emergency to

  • Master Scuba Diver

    The PADI Master Scuba Diver rating can be had by simply completing any 5 specialty classes. That is not a significant

  • Recreational Specialty Classes

    We offer a wide variety of PADI specialty classes, including Night, Navigation, Altitude, Nitrox, Wreck, Deep, and more.

  • Custom Instruction

    You can have instructional sessions, both in the pool and in open water, that are suited to your specific needs.

Advanced Recreational Dive Classes

Advanced recreational (sometimes called TecReational) dive classes follow scuba’s middle path between technical diving and recreational diving. They bring elements of technical diving to the recreational world, with the idea that recreational diving will be more enjoyable and safer, and recreational divers will be able to expand their diving horizons. All the courses listed below are approved by PADI and count toward the Master Scuba Diver rating.

  • Understanding Overhead Environments

    This distinctive specialty teaches the different levels of difficulty in overhead environments, enabling divers to make

  • TecReational Diver

    This distinctive specialty has an academic portion that improves dive planning, but its primary focus is on advanced

  • Advanced Diver Planner

    This extremely comprehensive distinctive specialty teaches divers virtually all they need to know to plan and execute safe

  • Cavern Diver

    Underwater caverns are different from caves primarily in that daylight from an exit can be seen at all times from all parts of

  • Wreck Diver

    This course teaches the skills needed to understand and even explore more complex wrecks than are commonly visited by

  • Deep Diver

    This specialty is actually a recreational specialty, but in our program we go beyond the minimum requirements of the

  • Dive Propulsion Vehicle (DPV)

    Dive Propulsion Vehicles allow divers to cover larger distances with lesser effort and with greater speed.

  • Enriched Air Diver

    Although this is actually a recreational specialty, it is included here because it is an important and necessary

  • Dry Suit Diver

    This recreational specialty is included in this section because many and possibly most technical divers find dry suits an

  • Custom Instruction

    You can have instructional sessions, both in the pool and in open water, that are suited to your specific needs.

Technical Diving Courses

Technical diving certifications allow divers to transcend all recreational diving limits. As divers progress through courses, they can go deeper and deeper, breathing different mixes of gas that enable them to avoid the dangers of high levels of nitrogen and oxygen. They learn the techniques of accelerated decompression that enable them to complete required decompression schedules in less time through the use of appropriate breathing gases. All courses are offered through the Professional Association of Dive Instructors (PADI), the largest diving agency in the world.

  • Introduction to Doubles

    This is not a certification course. It is just an instructional setting in which the student learns the basics of using double

  • Discover Tec

    This course provides an overview of the entire spectrum of technical diving, including the equipment and skills used by

  • Tec 40

    Tec 40 is an introduction to the world of decompression diving. Significant academic study teaches students

  • Tec 45

    Tec 45 extends the academic training of Tec 40 and increases the depth range for decompression dives to

  • Tec 50

    Tec 50 adds to the Tec 45 academic training and allows the use of two decompression gases up to a maximum depth of

  • Trimix Diving

    Once divers complete Tec 50 (or an equivalent course through another agency), divers can begin to use