The following resources contain useful information for those looking deeper into diving. 

Documents and Articles

Diving at Altitude, by John Adsit (Combined document)
Ascent to Altitude After Diving, by John Adsit
Pre-hospital management of decompression illness: expert review of priniciples and controveries, by Simon Mitchell et al. This is from the March 2018 issue of Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine. It contains the latest guidelines on what to do with suspected DCS cases prior to hospitalization, including guidelines for possible use of in-water recompression.
UHMS Guidelines for surfacing an unresponsive diver
Gradient Factors for Dummies, by Kevin Watts


ScubaBoard: This discussion site can be used to ask questions to the diving community.
Cave Divers Forum: This discussion site is for cave diving only
Decompression Controversies: Excellent video of a presentation by Dr. Simon Mitchell on the current (as of 2015) state of decompression theory.
Thoughtful Management of Decompression Stress: a 2016 presentation by Dr. Neal Pollock
Abstract of study comparing UTD Ratio Deco to Bühlmann with gradient factors. In this study, UTD's version of Ratio Deco compared poorly to another commonly used decompression strategy.
One of the ScubaBoard discussions on deep stops