Who we are

Deep Adventure Scuba serves that portion of the diving public that wants to go beyond the basics of open water diving. Many divers mistakenly believe that if they want greater diving skill and experiences than is afforded by open water certification, their only is to become a professional divemaster or instructor.

Deep Adventure Scuba offers different paths, both an advanced recreational program and technical diving. These allow divers to improve their skills, use more effective equipment, visit more complex sites, and bring an entirely new dimension to their diving without having to commit to professional diving programs. Technical Diving takes students beyond the limits of recreational diving, allowing students to go to greater depths using a variety of gas mixes for decompression dives. The advanced recreational program is a series of PADI-approved specialty that bridge the gap between the technical and recreational diving, some of which are only offered in Colorado through Deep Adventure Scuba. All courses have been fully reviewed and approved by PADI, the world’s largest diving agency, to ensure that they meet a high standard of safety and quality.

Deep Adventure Scuba also teaches standard recreational classes (PADI), so it is a full service program. The program works in partnership with Weaver’s Dive and Travel Center in Boulder, Colorado.

About John Adsit

John’s career was in public education, where he served as first a teacher, then an administrator, and then a curriculum development specialist. During his administrative years, he worked in staff development, showing teachers how to implement innovative instructional methods shown to improve student learning dramatically. He was a pioneer in developing online education, founding the online school in his school district and co-founding Colorado Online Learning, the state’s official online education program. With that background, when he began to become passionate about scuba diving, it was natural that he would become an instructor.

It was also natural that his drive toward innovation would appear in his scuba instruction. Dissatisfied with the normal mode of instruction for open water students, he began to experiment with a new approach. Seeing great success with his students, he gathered a group of likeminded instructors from around the world, and their collaboration led to an article published in the PADI professional magazine, the Undersea Journal. Only two years later, PADI revised its standards, incorporating many of those ideas and urging all instructors to use this new approach.

John continued his own diving progress, both as a diver and as an instructor, far beyond the basic open water level. He started out wanting nothing more than shallow dives on tropical reefs, but today his personal diving is mostly done in a dry suit, often doing deep dives breathing gas mixes rich with helium or going deep into caves. He instructs at all levels. He still teaches open water classes using the methods he pioneered years ago, and he teaches technical diving all the way through trimix.

In working with both technical divers and basic open water divers, John noticed something was missing, a middle path between the two. He saw that the skills and equipment used by technical divers could make recreational diving much more efficient and much more fun, but the divers who could benefit it would not want to invest all the time and effort required to become a technical diver. He therefore created the advanced recreational program, which taught those skills and introduced the equipment without the need to go through the full technical certification program.

Now retired from public education, John is devoting his time to taking scuba instruction and the students he teaches to another level.

ABOUT Weaver’s Dive and Travel

Weaver’s Dive and Travel Center is located in Boulder Colorado, and works in partnership with Deep Adventure Scuba. Classes are usually arranged through them, and they can supply students with equipment, both for purchase and for rent.